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Services & Booking

Effective immediately, Jill is conducting all consults (home, office, and virtual) through Az Breastfed Babies. Please click here to inquire about scheduling.

Geared for expectant parents in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. Discuss your hopes, goals, questions, and concerns about breastfeeding. Content is personalized to your interests and concerns.

Highly recommended for

  • Previous breastfeeding challenges

  • History of breast surgery

  • History of infertility

  • Concern about compatibility of breastfeeding and maternal medical health conditions and/or medications

Partners and support people are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Wouldn't it be convenient if infants arrived with their own instruction manuals?! Each parent-infant dyad is unique and can benefit immensely from the focused care of an IBCLC.

During your consult, we will discuss how everything has been going and any major areas of concern. I will help you define your goals for our visit.

Depending on the complexity of the issues and situation, a follow-up consultation may be recommended.

Includes 2 weeks of follow-up email support.

For existing clients only, to continue our plan of care or make changes to an existing plan of care.


Also appropriate if more than two weeks have passed since our last consultation, as situations and needs change frequently! 

E-mail me directly to discuss your needs and I will send you the appropriate booking link.

Preparing to spend time away from your baby can be extremely stressful. We will discuss your concerns, and I will help you formulate a plan to return to work with confidence.


Ideal timeframe of this consult is about one month prior to returning to work.

Also recommended if you have already returned to work and are experiencing challenges.

Many people are surprised to learn that lactation consultants are trained to help infants who are having difficulty accepting a bottle.


We will explore possible causes and brainstorm solutions and a plan.

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