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About Jill Marion

Welcome! I am thrilled to help you and your family navigate this exciting and challenging journey!

I have always had a passion for working with parents and their babies. My journey began nearly a decade ago, when I trained as a birth doula during nursing school at Johns Hopkins University. I have been supporting breastfeeding families ever since, at several Washington, D.C. area hospitals as a nurse in labor and delivery and mother-baby units.

After the birth of my daughter, I was inspired by the incredible wisdom of the lactation consultants and new parent support groups. I loved helping fellow new parents with their breastfeeding challenges. I pursued IBCLC certification, and subsequently began working as a private practice IBCLC in Washington, D.C.

When my family relocated to Phoenix in 2019, my son surprised us by arriving nearly two months before his due date. The challenging experience of having an early baby with a prolonged NICU stay broadened my understanding of some of the unique breastfeeding challenges of the dyad involving a preterm infant.

I particularly enjoy helping my clients define their own goals and success.

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