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Preparing for Your Home Visit
  • Please let me know if you would like me to wear a mask

  • Our appointment start time is just an estimate. If you would like me to text you if I am running behind or ahead of schedule, please send a text with your name in advance of the visit. I don't text when I am driving but will do my best to keep you updated on my arrival time. 

  • I will be washing my hands as often as necessary during the consult. Please have liquid soap (dish soap is fine) and paper towels available in your kitchen and/or bathroom.

  • If we will be working in your bedroom, please have a chair available for me to sit on.

  • It is helpful if your baby is ready to eat about 30 minutes after I arrive, so we have time to talk. But if your baby does get hungry, feel free to give a small feeding. And don’t stress if the timing doesn’t work out, I can work with whatever is going on.

  • Please clear a space on a table or the floor for my scale. I don’t need much room, but the surface does need to be stable. I will weigh your baby with just a dry diaper on before we work on feeding.

  • I am animal lover, but because pets can be unpredictable after a new baby arrives, especially towards strangers, please have your dogs and cats in another room when I arrive.

  • If possible, I would appreciate having the password for your WiFi.

  • Self-Pay Clients Only: I will be charging you the full fee at the time of the visit and will provide you with a superbill for insurance reimbursement. Learn more about breastfeeding and the Affordable Care Act here.

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